Everyone Active Platinum Memberships

Depending on where you live and which centre you’re a member of, you may also have the opportunity to purchase a Platinum Membership. This brings with it a whole host of benefits, designed to make your Everyone Active experience even richer and giving you access to a number of activities and facilities as part of your membership.

Platinum Memberships

Platinum Memberships bring with them a whole host of benefits that make your Everyone Active experience that little bit more exclusive and a touch more special. The fantastic extras that are included as part of your Platinum Membership include (where available): FORTIS classes, access to Hot Yoga sessions, as well as our spas. You also get unlimited access to the fantastic Everyone On Demand online training app that gives you the opportunity to exercise wherever, whenever, while an Everyone Active Platinum Membership also allows you 14 day priority booking, giving you the opportunity to book your favourite group fitness classes seven days before non-platinum members and nine before casual users.

Everyone On Demand

everyone on demand platinum memberships

With your Everyone Active Platinum Membership, you’ll also have unlimited access to the fabulous Everyone On Demand suite of fitness apps at no extra cost. Everyone On Demand gives you access to the widest range of fitness and wellness partners on the market. From fitness and personal training to mental wellbeing and prescribed exercise, there’s a service or session to support everyone, no matter how you feel, every day of the week.

Our hand-picked partners create a 360-degree solution, supporting you both in and out of the gym. Dip in and out of each product as you please – perhaps choosing a personal training session one day and five-minutes of meditation the next. Pick a product to support your training sessions in the gym or select an audio-coach to take with you on your run.

You can find out more about Everyone On Demand below.

14 Day Priority Booking

Along with all the other fantastic benefits to having an Everyone Active Platinum Membership, you also get 14 day priority booking. This allows you to book all your classes, swim sessions or whatever else you may wish to enjoy at your Everyone Active centre seven days in advance of non-Platinum members. This gives you more chance to get into the classes you want (some are extremely busy and can get booked up extremely quickly) and allows you to fit your fitness regime around your life – not the other way around.


spa platinum membership

As well as all the fantastic fitness benefits of a Platinum Membership, we haven’t neglected your inner wellbeing, either. With this membership option, you also get access to our spas, with use of the facilities, such as saunas, steam rooms, hydrotherapy pools, heated benches and so much more at no extra cost. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to unwind and relax in the peace and tranquillity of our luxury spas. Please note that while use of the facilities are included at no extra cost, should you wish to indulge in one of the many fabulous treatment options available, that will incur a cost to you.



As part of your Platinum Membership, you get access to FORTIS sessions (where available) included in your package. FORTIS is a new high intensity, low impact HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session that delivers ‘HIIT without the hurt’. That means you get all the benefits of a HIIT session, but without any of the aches and pains the next day.

FORTIS combines use of high-tech Speedflex machinery and MyZone technology to offer a new premium experience. FORTIS is for everybody, so whether you are a seasoned gym-goer or newbie, come and experience the best workout you’ll do all year.

Hot Yoga

hot yoga platinum membership

The Platinum Membership also allows you to enjoy Hot Yoga sessions (where available) at no extra cost. Hot Yoga is one of the fastest-growing styles of Yoga around and, as such, our Hot Yoga studios have been developed to help you achieve physical, mental and emotional balance. With temperatures reaching up to 38 degrees centigrade inside the Hot Yoga Studio, it’ll help loosen your muscles and improve your flexibility.

Furthermore, the low impact nature of the exercise and the huge range of positions – or vinyasas – that you’ll contort yourself into, means you will work muscles you didn’t know you had and get stronger as a result. It’ll also help improve your breathing, as well as helping you feel revived and re-energised.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, is that Hot Yoga is also fantastic for cardio fitness, helping with both fitness and weight loss.