Community Health and Wellbeing

Through our national Community Health and Wellbeing Strategy, we aim to meet the needs of individual communities through programmes that support people to move more, and to feel happy and healthy.

Our key themes support people to improve their physical health and mental wellbeing as they grow, live, work and age. We will focus on target groups such as children and young people, women and girls, ethnic diversity, older people, and people living with long term health conditions.

Membership & partnerships available to support the community:

We must learn from where places have reduced health inequalities and past places that have made progress. To enable community led project design, we will work together with residents and communities for their take on how our projects could run. We will support our communities to build resilience through increased opportunities to training and qualifications.


Parkinsons Membership


We are offering a complimentary membership for people living with Parkinson’s. Free membership will also be given to carers to provide support if needed.

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Ukrainian Guest Membership

Donating membership is a practical way in which we can support the individual and family’s physical and mental wellbeing and to support them to feel part of our community.

Cared For Membership

Cared For Membership

Children in care

We are offering a complimentary membership for cared for children and care experienced young people through a referral from local Council Family support teams.

Exercise Referral

Exercise Referral Scheme

GP Referral

Everyone Active’s Exercise and GP Referral scheme, operated in partnership with EXi is the perfect way for people with health conditions to increase physical activity levels and improve health.

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We will work collaboratively with community ambassadors and healthcare partners to ensure that we meet the needs of the local communities and the real-time challenges that they are facing. If you would like to work together, locally or nationally, please contact Rebecca Phillips – Strategic Lead – Health and Wellbeing here.

Health and wellbeing