May Fitness Challenges

We have five new online challenges for you to choose from this month!

Take the challenge, log your activity in your planner and see what you can achieve…

Step To The Summit 2022 – Step Challenge

Step Challenge
How many steps can you track this May? Connect your Fitbit and see how many of these famous peaks you can conquer (ascent and descent), with no incline or backpack required!

Mount Everest [116,140 steps]
Mount Kilimanjaro [77,360 steps]
Mount Blanc [60,840 steps]
Ben Nevis [17,620 steps]
Mount Snowdon [14,240 steps]
Scafell Pike [12,360 steps]

Roast Dinner Calorie Burn Challenge

Roast dinner plate full of food
The average roast dinner contains 850 kcal. How many portions can you burn off during May?
All activity counts, simply keep track in your planner or via a connected device.

May Swimming Distance Challenge

SwimmingMake a splash in the pool this March and see how far your lengths can take you!
Any stroke, any pool (or sea!), any time, just log your swim distances in your online planner or via a connected device to enter.

Run The Northern Line – Run Challenge

Runner on underground carriage
The London Undergrounds Northern Line spans 36 miles (58 km) across the capital. We’re challenging you to see how far along this route you can run during May.

Cycle The Seine – Cycling Challenge

River Seine
The River Seine stretches an impressive 483 miles (777km) across France, making its way through Paris en route to the English Channel.
How far along the course can you cycle by 1st June?


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